Daily Archives: Monday, 8th Jan 2007

Charting new ground

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Top 40 change helps Snow Patrol

Hmmm. The latest revamp of the UK Singles chart looks like it’s going to be interesting. Whoever the heck it is who makes these decisions has decided to embrace downloading with a great deal of enthusiasm. Rather than only counting downloads of tracks that were on sale on other formats (mainly CD singles), they’ll now count all downloaded tracks. Not just those actually released as singles – all tracks.

While it hasn’t made much difference at the top end of the chart, it has brought some older songs back into the chart, including Snow Patrol’s quite excellent Chasing Cars.

All a bit odd, and probably quite pointless, but it should be interesting to see how this develops…

Week Two

Mutter. That relaxed weekend sent my weight back up, so it’s back to the exercise again. Apart from walking to and from work and still not using the lift at work, this evening I did the usual 10km on the exercise bike, a Bullworker set and the regular 120 crunches. Oww.

Peak heart rate was 148.