BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Morrissey in talks for Eurovision

Eeeep. Now this is really quite bizarre. The Eurovision Song Contest has always struck me as being the naffest thing in the history of naffness, generally involving music of such general awfulness that it really shouldn’t be allowed.

Of course, that may be all quite baseless prejudice, as I haven’t actually watched the thing in, err, umm, well, twenty-something years. But the odd bits I have heard by accident didn’t really impress me that much.

But now, for what seems like the first time in several million years, there’s a possibility that there might be a British entry written and maybe even performed by somebody decent. I’ve mentioned Morrissey before, when I muttered about the twentieth anniversary of The Queen is Dead, and when he’s in the mood, the man can still write a Seriously Good Song.

So he obviously won’t stand a chance with Eurovision. :lol:

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