WordPress 2.0.7 is out

Yes, it’s only ten days since I mentioned that WordPress 2.0.6 was available, but a combination of the FeedBurner issue and a nasty security problem that could be a major problem for WordPress installations on some servers has led to the rather rapid release of WordPress 2.0.7.

This is a security update, and all WordPress users are advised to upgrade. If you’re already on 2.0.6[1], you just need to replace six files, which are listed on the Development Blog. If you’re on an earlier version, you might want to look at Bryan Layman’s nifty upgrade script. I used a slightly earlier version to get to 2.0.6, and a much earlier version for 2.0.5, and it worked nicely for me.

However you upgrade, make sure you do.

Version 2.1 is scheduled for release this time next week. But if you’re not ready for the major changes that will bring, don’t worry – the developers will continue to maintain 2.0.x for a long time to come.

[1] And if not, you should be!

16 thoughts on “WordPress 2.0.7 is out

  1. Brian Layman

    Well, after some time :duh: , I think I’ve figured out the answer. It is
    1,3,10,20,11,2,12,15,16,22,18,7,6,9,13,4,19,5,8,14, 21,17

    Is that the correct answer? :yes:

    Oh! I should say that I am referring to your sounds page and the correct ordering of the conversation… There was no place to leave a comment, but that was a puzzle wasn’t it? When I load them all up in MusicMatch, in the correct order, I get this conversation…

    Les #1: 1 Mutter
    Les #2: 3 Ahem
    Les #1: 10 Life? Don’t talk to me about life
    Les #2: 20 I seeeeeeeeeeee…
    Les #1: 11 So, it’s pick on Les day, I see
    Les #2: 2 Yes
    Les #1: 12 I am completely innocent
    Les #2: 15 Uh huh
    Les #1: 16 What?
    Les #2: 22 Not really
    Les #1: 19 I blame AJ
    Les #2: 7 So, no change there, then
    Les #1: 6 He’s never denied it
    Les #2: 9 Naah, it’s your end, not mine
    Les #1: 13 Hah!
    Les #2: 4 Pedant
    Les #1: 19 Bastards!
    Les #2: 5 Tart
    Les #1: 8 Boing!
    Les #2: 14 Hey!
    Les #1: 21 Woo hoo hoo hoo!
    Les #2: 17 Context Alert!

    Makes sense to me… OK, I’m up wayyyy to late…. :sleepy:

  2. Les Post author

    You have to play them backwards while balancing a sea lion on your nose[1] to get the full impact of the hidden message

    [1] A phrase that popped into my head recently. I think it likes it there, as it’s apparently quite a strange place

  3. Les Post author

    That depends on what you think a “hit” is.

    A “hit” or indeed a “request” is a connection for an item – that could be the main page, or an image, or a script file, or an embedded video, or…..

  4. Les Post author

    Not as good as you might think. That includes you working on the site (each smilie is a request, on each page that it loads) and it includes Google wandering over your site.

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