Daily Archives: Wednesday, 17th Jan 2007

A bit of a problem…

Hmmmmmmmmm. It looks like something in a recent WordPress update doesn’t agree with the WPG2 plugin, or more precisely with the G2Image popup that inserts Gallery links into WordPress posts. Rather than inserting tags, it sits there and sulks about a JavaScript error

window.opener.document.forms[g2ic_form] has no properties

I thought it was me at first, but I found a post on the WPG2 forum reporting the same problem I was getting. Only the odd thing is, that report was before WordPress 2.0.7 was released. As far as I can tell, it was working for me up till then. Maybe it’s just a coincidence. But reverting to older files in WordPress made it work again.

I’ve posted a report on the WPG2 forums, so maybe an answer will appear soon…

Another Newcastle walk

As I mentioned on Monday, I had a walk in a slightly different part of Newcastle. I’ve already mentioned the statue of Cardinal Hume. You can see some more pictures of the statue, the cathedral and and interesting model of Newcastle in the gallery. And there are a few more general street scenes, too.

Westgate House: The End is Nigh

On Monday, I went for a walk, taking in Westgate House on the way, and the way back. Virtually the whole of the tower block is now gone, and there’s just a concrete platform and its supports. The light wasn’t all that good, unfortunately, but I did what I could.

On Tuesday, I had to go back to catch it while the scaffolding was coming down. I didn’t have the Canon with me, but I got a few pictures with my Nokia N-70 phone. See them all in the gallery.

Westgate House: A different angle

Lez Denholm sent me some pictures taken from behind Westgate House at various stages of the demolition project. Good stuff – I was severely lacking in pictures from that angle!

If this goes on…

Hmmm. Another quite noticeable drop in my weight today. If I keep going at this rate, I’ll disappear some time in July. :eek2:

I walked to and from work, but took this evening off the usual exercise routine – partly because my knees asked for a break, and partly because I needed to sort out the pictures I took on Monday and Tuesday. They’ll be appearing soon. Of course, if you’re reading this later they’ll already have appeared. Probably.