A bit of a problem…

Hmmmmmmmmm. It looks like something in a recent WordPress update doesn’t agree with the WPG2 plugin, or more precisely with the G2Image popup that inserts Gallery links into WordPress posts. Rather than inserting tags, it sits there and sulks about a JavaScript error

window.opener.document.forms[g2ic_form] has no properties

I thought it was me at first, but I found a post on the WPG2 forum reporting the same problem I was getting. Only the odd thing is, that report was before WordPress 2.0.7 was released. As far as I can tell, it was working for me up till then. Maybe it’s just a coincidence. But reverting to older files in WordPress made it work again.

I’ve posted a report on the WPG2 forums, so maybe an answer will appear soon…

7 thoughts on “A bit of a problem…

  1. Les Post author

    Is that strictly relevant to this post??? Mutter, young people today, mutter.

    Though that does remind me that this problem seems to be a case of “general weirdness”. This evening, I reinstated all the WordPress 2.0.7 files, and the popup thingy still worked.

    I have no idea at all why this happened. So I’ll blame David. :wave:

  2. David

    on the subject of ads, all thought my word press is still the older version :tongue: only joking, its fine.

    Back to ads, mine seem to be aimed at christmas??? christmasflags etc.. I thought these were self optimizing?

  3. Les Post author

    I see no Christmas ads on your site. Goooooogle does show different ads to different visitors. The Amazon “self optimizing” ones are a bit variable. Sometimes they tie in to your posts, sometimes they’re a bit general.

    The more content you have, the more likely you are to have at least vaguely relevant ads.

  4. Dave

    I recently upgraded to WP 2.1 and ran into the same issue, hitting Insert does nothing and I get the same javascript error. Did you ever get a resolution other than downgrading?

  5. Les Post author

    Finally, a relevant comment :smile:

    It’s a bit odd, really. The problem seemed to be a bit random. The closest I found to a solution was forcing a refresh of the page made it start working again, only for it to fail again later.

    There is now an update to WPG2 (I got it this morning), and after a page refresh, it seems to be working on my WP2.1 test site.

    The support forum thread didn’t really get anywhere.

    Work around: start your post, click “Save and continue editing”, then hit Ctrl-F5 (or whatever forces a refresh in your browser). WPG2 will then happily insert images in that post.

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