It seems to be working

Since I decided to make a new start on the weight and fitness thingy at the start of this month, I’ve made some progress. I’ve lost three pounds so far[1], and perhaps more significantly, the general trend is downwards, whereas this time last year, it was upwards. One of the figures I’m tracking in my spreadsheet[2] is the difference in my weight since the same date last year. That figure has dropped from about ten pounds to not much over four pounds as of today.

I’ve generally avoided setting specific weight targets before, but I’m going to break with tradition and do that. I want to get my weight below the psychologicackle 200 pounds level by the end of June. I haven’t been there since November 2005, so it’s a wee bit of a challenge.

I’d also like to get back into 34″ trousers. I’ve got lots of those :laugh:

No exercise today, which means I need to do some tomorrow, otherwise I’ll have to tell myself off. :rant:

[1] Subject to random daily variations, etc
[2] Hey, I’m a geek. :grin: