Now that was a bit odd

Ever got confused about what day it is? It happens to me sometimes, usually when I think Wednesday is Thursday, only to be reminded that the weekend is a bit further away than I thought it was. This sort of minor confusion seems to be fairly common, but I had a new, much more developed version this morning.

I woke up at about 6:45 to the sound of heavy rain beating against my window. In my slightly unfocussed, only just woken up way, I peered at the alarm clock. For some reason, my not-quite-awake brain decided that today was in fact Monday. Now if it had been Monday, waking up at 6:45 would have been a bit of a problem, as I have a booking on the 7:44 train to Leeds on Monday. Realising that I wouldn’t make that train, I got myself out of bed to get myself organised to get out in time for the next one. As I got up, I realised that I hadn’t set the alarm at all. Not only that, but I hadn’t set out my clothes for work as I normally do. It then occurred to me that I’d forgotten to collect my washing from the laundrette on Sunday[1].

As I wandered in the general direction of my computer to check the train timetable, it occurred to me that maybe it was actually Sunday. I had to look carefully at the screen to finally convince myself that it really was Sunday and not Monday.

After that, I went back to bed…

[1] When I get confused, at least I get consistently confused.

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