Daily Archives: Monday, 22nd Jan 2007

WordPress 2.1 is out

Well, here it is: WordPress 2.1 “Ella”, released on schedule.

You can read the details on the Development Blog, or just download it and get stuck in to the new features.

If you’re upgrading, make sure you have a backup of your database, and copies of any core files you’ve modified. Oh, and keep an eye on Brian Layman – he’ll probably have something to say about his nifty upgrade script.

Matt has confirmed that WordPress is going to be on a regular release schedule from now on, with the next version due on April 23.

And for anyone not sure about upgrading – you can safely keep using version 2.0.x, as this will be maintained, cared for and kept secure with updates for the next few years.

I’ll be upgrading as soon as I’m sure I have everything working on my test site.

Week Four Begins

After yesterday’s bizarre false alarm, I managed my real early start today. Got the train to Leeds, did assorted work-related things there, and got back to Newcastle in the afternoon.

Walked home and did the usual exercise routine this evening. Tonight’s exciting peak hear rate figure was 140.

Today’s weight is still on the high side, but I’ll keep working on that.

10 Things You Should Know About WordPress 2.1

Aaron Brazell has written a nice piece on the due to be released any minute now WordPress 2.1: 10 Things You should Know About WordPress 2.1.

Worth a read if you use WordPress, are thinking of using WordPress, or just like sites[1] built with WordPress[2]. Some of the ten things are changes to how WordPress[3] works, and some are new features. The only one that will make a difference to how I work is the nifty auto-save feature. Anyone who’s typed a long post without clicking on “Save and Continue Editing” and has lost their connection, or accidentally closed their browser or lost their work through some other oopsie will appreciate this one.

I won’t be upgrading straight away, as I’m waiting for an update to the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin, which is an essential part of Losing it[1]. Oh, and a minor update to the equally essential WPG2.

And even though WordPress 2.1 isn’t quite out yet, the developers are already looking towards the next release. Not only that, but they’re inviting everyone to ask for features they’d like to see. Join in the fun on the Ideas page.

[1] Like this one
[2] Is that enough mentions of WordPress in this post?