Making steady progress

Another small fall in my weight today, which is encouraging. :bouncy:

I walked to and from work today. It was a bit icy this morning, and fairly cold this evening, but I survived. :rolleyes:

And this evening, I had a bit of a late start, but persuaded myself to get on with the exercise thingy again:

  • 10km on the exercise bike
  • A Bullworker set
  • 160 Crunches, which seems to be my new standard
  • 5 minutes on the rowing machine

The heart rate monitor showed a brief surge at the end of the bike bit, giving a peak rate of 161, but that might have been a random blip thingy, as up till then it was around 147…

What I didn’t mention yesterday was that I’ve increased the resistance on the rowing machine, so that’s taking a bit more effort than at the start of the month.

Now I just have to do one more session this week. I might have tomorrow night off, or there again, I might not. We shall see…[1]

[1] Nothing like a bit of suspense to keep readers coming back, is there? :lol: