Errr, wow!

OK, OK. Insert all the usual stuff about daily variations, and I’m sure this is a random fluctuation, and I’m equally sure that the figure will rise as the week goes on[1], but today’s weight figure is a rather good one. Quite encouraging, really.

I walked to and from work, and at lunchtime had yet another walk to Westgate House that nice new open area, and took some pictures which show how the area has been transformed, and opened out by the removal of what was not only a singularly ugly building[2], but a singularly ugly building in one of the most inappropriate locations imaginable. I’ll put the pictures on show when I’ve sorted them out, probably later in the week.

And this evening, I did my usual exercise routine, with a peak heart rate of 148. Pant, sweat, etc.

[1] Especially as I have a night out planned for tomorrow :tongue:
[2] Standard ugly buildings can be improved enormously with new cladding. If this one had been somewhere else, that might have worked

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