Call the Police!

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Police to reunite for Grammy gig

I’m always a bit dubious about bands reforming after so many years apart. But it’s a popular trend[1], and I’m sure lots of people would be prepared to pay lots of money to see the Police play live. They made some great music in their time, much of which still sounds good today[2].

More about The Police.

[1] Listings for a local concert venue looked like they’d drifted in from the late 70s….
[2] You know how it is with music – some things are so much of their time, that when heard years later you find yourself wondering what the photon you liked about it back then, and other things still sound wonderful decades later…

3 thoughts on “Call the Police!

  1. Les Post author

    I hadn’t noticed that Rage Against the Machine had split :tongue:

    Heard about the Genesis thingy, and there was a rumour that Gabriel might join in at a later time. And that’s James with Tim Booth? I recall that they attempted to continue after he left, with not particularly interesting results. Would account for the gig at the Carling Academy selling out…

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