No more Floppies

BBC NEWS | Technology | PC World says farewell to floppy

Well, I suppose it had to come. Floppy disks used to be so important. I remember buying piles of “cheap” unbranded disks for my Atari ST in the late 80s and very early 90s. Cheap at the time was around £1 for a double-sided single density floppy, total capacity 720k, or half that of the standard floppy we all knew and errr, knew. They have been becoming increasingly irrelevant, as file sizes have grown and grown and grown to the extent that hardly anything fits on a floppy these days.

I have “happy” memories of installing applications from floppies back in the days of Windows 3.1. An office suite came on around 30 of the things, and installation took ages. Actually, installations still take ages, but at least you can generally wander off and do something else rather than having to keep changing floppies.

While they’re not quite going away yet, PC World’s decision to stop selling them does show that demand has dropped dramatically. These days, of course, even CDs, which once seemed huge, now seem a bit inadequate to deal with modern volumes of data.