End of month report

As I expected, my weight did move up a bit today, but it’s within the normal daily variation range, so that’s OK.

I did the usual exercise routine, but with an increased resistance on the rowing machine. Tonight’s peak heart rate was 144.

And that wraps it up for January. As of today, I’m five pounds lighter than I was at the start of the year[1], which is pretty good progress. So far, I’m still feeling motivated and I really hope I can keep this effort up. I’m aiming to stick to four exercise sessions a week, and I’ll try to do more weekend walks too.

And I think I will set myself some specific weight targets:

  1. Below 15 stone (210 pounds, 95.3kg) by mid February
  2. Below 14½ stone (203 pounds, 92.1kg) by mid April[2]
  3. Consistently below 200 pounds (14 stone 4 pounds, 90.7kg) by the end of June

Which would get me back where I was before I lost the plot somewhat. I’d like to improve on that, and get below the psychologicackle 14 stone (196 pounds, 88.9kg) by the end of the year, but I don’t know if I’ll manage that one. Would be nice, as it’ll make the weight cells in my spreadsheet change colour[3] :grin:

[1] As of yesterday, it was six pounds, but never mind
[2] I’m expecting the rate of weight loss to slow down…
[3] Did I mention that I’m a geek? :cheesy: