Posting Frenzy!

Hmmm. I do seem to have babbled a lot more than usual this month, don’t I? Total posts for January, including this one: 88. The previous record was August last year, when I made 77 posts.

I’ll probably calm down a bit for February.

Or not.

Maybe it’s my evil plan to warp the fragile little minds of anyone who actually reads all this stuff… :twisted: :evil:

3 thoughts on “Posting Frenzy!

  1. Sam Judson

    Yeah, you obviously don’t know your readership that well if you’re planning to warp[1] our fragile little[2] minds…

    [1] or warp ‘more’..
    [2] hey, mines huge[3]
    [3] fnarr! fnarr! :twisted:

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