Daily Archives: Friday, 2nd Feb 2007

Down just a touch

Today’s weight was a tiny bit down on yesterday’s which is quite acceptable.

No exercise tonight, I need a night off :eek:

What? I said WHAT???

BBC NEWS | England | Noisy Newcastle tops league table

Newcastle is the noisiest urban area in England, with residents facing severe hearing and health problems, according to a new report.

Hmmmm. Lots of fuss in the local press about this report. It’s alleged that the measurements for Newcastle were taken in the underpass on the Central Motorway, just north of the Tyne Bridge – just a short distance from where the photo was taken, in fact.

A loud place

A loud place

At rush hour. Now that has to be a noisy place. I can confirm that traffic noise on the Tyne Bridge itself is somewhere between very loud andWhat? I can’t hear you!, but elsewhere in the centre it’s a lot quieter.