Saturday fun

For an arbitrarily “not much” value of fun, that is. I decided it was well past time to give my home PC a rebuild. It’s been running for nearly four years now, and having had numerous bits of software installed, upgraded, replaced, removed, reinstalled and generally thrashed about, the poor thing’s been getting a bit slow. As I have all my actual data on a separate drive, or an external drive for some of it, all I had to do was a clean install of Windows XP, and a quick reinstall of the software I actually use. Oh, and reconfiguring all that reinstalled stuff to behave the way I want it to.

Well, I started early this afternoon, not long after getting back from Tesco’s. And around ten hours later, I’m just about finished. I’m sure I’ll find the odd thing or two that I’ve forgotten, but I should be able to get them back from the full backup I took of the C: drive[1]. That was how I got my custom spellchecker dictionary back :duh: Losing that would have been a bit annoying, as I’ve been building it up for years. And years.

All that excitement :rolleyes: meant that I didn’t get round to any actual exercise this evening, so I’ll have to do it tomorrow to meet my target for the week.

And talking of targets, today’s weight was unchanged. Which is OK.

[1] Ludicrously big external hard drives are a very good thing :grin:

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