Upgrading soon…

Although it’s nearly two weeks since I mumbled about WordPress 2.1 being released, more observant readers will have noticed that Losing it[1] is still running on version 2.0.7. This isn’t because there’s anything much wrong with 2.1[1], but there were problems with some of the plugins that I use. But over the last couple of days, new versions of the last few I need have become available:

  • Christine has released Ultimate Tag Warrior 3.14159265[2]
  • There’s a WordPress 2.1 only update to WPG2
  • There’s an update to WP-AddQuicktags. The original author seems to have abandoned it, but Frank Bueltge has updated his German translation so that it works with 2.1. The admin page is in German, but it’s easy enough to use, or you could just edit the file to change the messages to English[3]

All of which means I’m ready to upgrade to 2.1. Soon. Well, when I get a tuit.

[1] There are one or two minor formatting issues, but not enough to put me off, and I’m sure they’ll be fixed soon.
[2] And she gets maximum geek points for her version numbering system :laugh:
[3] Or whatever other language you prefer

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