Daily Archives: Saturday, 10th Feb 2007

Time for a pause

Today’s random weight fluctuation was a downward one.

After the feeble attempts at snow over the last few days, the weather took a more serious turn today – quite a bit colder, windy and with lots of cold rain. Nasty.

I didn’t have the energy for an exercise session today. I decided against trying to force myself, and I’ll probably take tomorrow off too, and start again on Monday. This will be the first week this year I’ll have done less than four sessions, so it’s probably about time I had a small break.

Well, that’s my excuse, anyway. :laugh:

Doctor Who: The Inside Story

This was published late last year, after the end of the second series, but well before the Christmas Special. I bought it at half price after Christmas, but now I’ve actually read it, I can say that I wouldn’t have felt cheated if I’d paid full price.

The book is a behind the scenes look at how Doctor Who came back, with lots about the cast, visual effects, costumes, make-up and much more, together with guides to each episode in the first two series. Most of the content comes from interviews with cast, writers, directors and crew, so it really is the inside story, or at least an inside story, as Russell T Davies points out in his afterword. Everyone has their own recollections of who did what and who said what

I didn’t say that, Julie/Phil/Ed/Dalek Sec did

Some of the quotes are taken (with permission) from episodes of Doctor Who Confidential, so there is an odd feeling of familiarity from time to time, but it’s nice to have all this background information in one book. And Gary Russell must have done something right, as after writing the book, he was taken into the team as a script editor.

Worth a look if you’re interested in Doctor Who, or indeed in how television programmes get made these days. It’s a good companion piece to Doctor Who – The Legend Continues, and any fan of the series should enjoy it.