Which Dinosaur are you?

Yes, it’s another silly quiz. This one is from UKTV Documentary’s website. Answer a series of questions and it will tell you what sort of dinosaur you are. I’m not sure I like what it said about me:

You are a Brachiosaurus!
Remains of this giant from the Late Jurassic period were first discovered in 1900 in Colorado, although several skeletons have been unearthed in Tanzania. Simply put, this was one of the biggest land animals who ever lived. Dino experts reckon it stood thirteen metres tall and weighed in at about 80 tonnes, twenty times as heavy as a large elephant.

Brachiosaurus had chisel-like teeth for nipping food and very long neck and front limbs meant that it could graze from trees at heights no other dino could reach. You are most like this noble beast because you too are a large creature, possibly slow moving, but ultimately loveable. A friendly sort, you just like to get on with things, wander around and not cause trouble.

More about Brachiosaurus.

Try the quiz yourself

If you do the quiz, please add a comment stating which dinosaur you are, especially you regular readers! :wave:

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