Daily Archives: Tuesday, 13th Feb 2007

Photo update coming soon

Yes, yes. I know, it’s been a while. If you poke around in the Gallery section, you’ll find some new pictures, but I haven’t had time to give them friendly captions and descriptions yet, so I’m not officially announcing them yet. Tomorrow, for sure. Probably.

Life on Mars – It’s Back!

I mumbled a bit about the first series of Life on Mars last year, and as Sam[1] pointed out in a comment, the second and final series started this evening. And it started with a bang. No, not an explosion, it’s more that they’ve taken what they did last year, turned all the knobs up to 11[2], and managed to make an already great show even better.

In the pre-titles sequence, Sam[3] appears to be almost conscious in a hospital bed, where he is menaced by a shadowy figure who declares his intention to kill him. Then he wakes up, still in 1973.

But the stakes are higher now. Sam keeps getting migraines. He finds himself unable to breathe. And the voices and sounds that nobody else can hear are becoming clearer.

This episode centred around Tony Crane, a dodgy casino owner. Sam knows him from the future, where he’s arrested him for murder. Sam also believes that Crane is the man who’s trying to kill him in the future. Err, in the present.[4] Sam is determined to stop Crane before he can kill anyone…

It’s really very well done. The dialogue is sharper than a very sharp thing that’s just back from being sharpened, with a near as damn it perfect balance between drama and humour.

And Sam gets a phone call which tells him his job is nearly done. Lots more fun and games to come. If you’re not watching this, you really should. So there.

[1] No, not that Sam! :tongue:
[2] At least
[3] That’s Sam Tyler, not Sam Judson[5]
[4] The infinitely wise Douglas Adams once pointed out that the real trouble with time travel isn’t so much becoming your own grandfather, which is the sort of thing any reasonably well-adjusted family should be able to deal with, as the grammar. Getting the tenses right is a real problem.
[5] Hi Sam! :wave:

Technical support never changes

William[1] drew my attention to this. It appears to be a recording that fell through a timewarp or some such anomaly[2], and shows that new technology has always been a bit much for some people. Or maybe it’s comedy. Either way, it’s worth a look. And most techies will be saying “that’s one of my users!”.

[1] Hi William! :wave:
[2] But no dinosaurs this time

Official Exercise Break

Well, I walked to work today, but my knees didn’t like it much. The damn things kept nagging me all the way across the Tyne Bridge[1], and did their best to put me in a bad mood, but didn’t quite manage it. I decided to avoid arguing with them further, and got the bus home.

And so, I’m giving them this week off. Next week will probably not be a full exercise week, as I have to go to London for a couple of days. We shall see.

Anyway, today’s weight was a wee bit down, so it’s not all bad news.

[1] That’s a surprisingly long distance, you know