Daily Archives: Wednesday, 14th Feb 2007

Down a bit

A nice little drop in my weight today, despite my general lack of exercise. All a bit random and odd, but then, so am I. :lol:

I took the bus into work, as walking while carrying the extra weight of the contents of my penny jar[1] would have been a bit painful. And I took the bus home as well because I was a bit tired. Still, never mind.

[1] Change goes into jar. At intervals determined by a “when I get round to it” factor, I count the contents, put the coins into bags, and pay them into the bank. It’s been a while. The contents were heavy.

Westgate House – Wrapping up

It’s taken me a while to get round to sorting these out, but here they are at last. In this gallery, you can see the cleaning up operation after the demolition of the last level of Westgate House, and some pictures showing the improved view from a few different angles.

Newcastle in January

Yes, yes. I know it’s mid-February, but I’ve been short of tuits lately. I’ll blame the graphics card games and the rebuilding riot[1]. Either that or an overdose of intertia. Anyway, here’s a selection of pictures from various parts of Newcastle city centre, including a tower, some lego men[2], and a strange man[3] seen reflected in a Metro station.

[1] And the awkward alliteration, for that matter :cheesy:
[2] Not actually Lego(tm, etc)
[3] I know this guy, he’s really strange. Talks about himself in the third person, which is really weird :lol: