Daily Archives: Friday, 16th Feb 2007

Gravatars are back!

Readers with long memories for trivia might recall me muttering about the sorry state of the Gravatars service back in November. I managed to persuade Losing it[1] to carry on displaying gravatars for regular commenters[1][2][3] thanks to the caching capabilities of the Gravatars2 plugin, but things were still a little off.

But woo, and indeed, hoo, the all-new and improved Gravatar site is now up and running. A free service is still available, with the added bonus of having up to two gravatars associated with your email address. There will be a premium service which allows you to have as many email addresses and gravatars as you want on the same account.

All the gory details on the Gravatar Blog.

New plugins for WordPress and other weblog systems[5] will no doubt appear in due course, but as the new service is backwards compatible, existing ones shouldn’t break. Cool. :cool:

[1] Hi Sam![4]
[2] Hi Twisty!
[3] Hi Ickle David!
[4] Yet another footnote! Aren’t you special? :tongue:
[5] There are such things, apparently :cheesy:


Another random weight fluctuation thingy today, taking me back to the same weight I was a week ago, so at least my exercise break hasn’t made things worse. So far, anyway.