ONE: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey is a classic movie. I love it. Of course, being the kind of geek I am, I read the book many, many years before I actually saw the movie[1][2]. I even read Clarke’s The Lost Worlds of 2001, his book on the parallel development of the movie and the novel. It included various drafts of abandoned ideas, and was really Good Stuff. Unfortunately, my copy of that went astray some time ago. Must see if I can find it again.

But I digress[4]. Not everyone likes 2001[5] as much as I do. Some people think it’s too confusing, or too long, for instance. Well, for those people, here’s an abbreviated version which might make things a little clearer:

Thanks to Bob for the link :wave:

[1] I grew up on Arthur C Clarke and Isaac Asimov, amongst others. Clarke was my first real sf author…
[2] In those long-distant days of three TV channels and no home video, TV showings of good sf movies were well spaced out[3]
[3] Spaced out :cheesy: Did you see what I did there?
[4] Frequently. But I digress could be the alternative title for Losing it[1]
[5] It seemed so far in the future at the time. And now it’s fading into memory…

One thought on “ONE: A Space Odyssey

  1. Les Post author

    Aha! Now that is probably the single best thing about the internet. In Ancient Times[6], if you wanted to get hold of an out of print book, you’d have to search second hand bookshops[7] for ages. Now it just takes a minute with Google. Found a copy of The Lost Worlds of 2001 for just over £3, including postage. OK, that’s a lot more than the cover price was in 1972[8], but it’s not at all bad.

    [6] When I was young, nobody had heard of Bill Gates, dinosaurs roamed the earth, etc :cheesy:
    [7] There were rather more of those back then
    [8] Same edition I had and lost, or gave away, or sold, or whatever it was I did with it

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