Daily Archives: Sunday, 18th Feb 2007

Weekend bloat

Yes, yes, it’s a slightly late report. Having had a lazy Saturday, Sunday’s weight was an unusually high one. Mutter, etc.

Primeval – Episode 2

After last week’s Permian pranks, it’s time for more fun and games.

There’s a silly (and not at all clichéd, oh no) sub-plot which has the increasingly puppydog-like student Connor kicked off the team for not being able to keep things secret, only to be brought back just in the traditional nick of time[1] to save the day with his vast knowledge of extinct creatures, but I’ll ignore that…

There’s something nasty in the Tube. No, not another tuneless busker. Something with rather more legs and a nasty bite. Yup, giant spiders. Well, not actual spiders, you understand. Just things from about 300 million years ago that are some sort of ancestor or distant relative of spiders. And when a worker who was spraying the underground tunnels against vermin is found dying of a venomous bite, Nick Cutter and his team investigate.

Lots of standard-issue creeping around in dark tunnels follows. And soon enough it turns out that while the giant spidery thingies might give you a nasty nip, they’re pretty harmless, and are soon driven back into the strange sparkly thing anomaly that’s lurking in a disused area off the main tunnel. What’s altogether less harmless is the even more giant centipede-like creature[2], which is not only rather bad tempered, but also venomous. Just the thing you want to meet in a dark tunnel.

Cutter gets trapped, Stephen defies orders and tries to rescue him. Stephen quite naturally gets bitten by the angry arthropod, and apparently sees Cutter’s missing wife Helen. Though he doesn’t remember this later, so he may have imagined it.

It all gets sorted out in the end, of course. Lots more fun to come, with more monsters next week, not to mention the personal problems of Connor having a crush on Abby who has a crush on Stephen, and Cutter’s missing wife likely to pop up wherever there’s a strange sparkly thing an anomaly.

I heard Phill Jupitus criticising Primeval on his 6Music Breakfast Show a few days ago. Phill’s main complaint[3] was that Primeval is pretty much a compilation of ideas pinched from many other TV shows, and he mentioned that his teenage daughter was checking off the sources as she watched. In a way, I have to agree. But it’s still a lot of fun. Who’d have thought that I’d be less cynical than a teenager? :lol:

[1] I’ve just realised that the use of that slogan for promoting Life on Mars is a pun so hideous that my brain filtered it out as a defensive measure. Either that, or I’m getting slow.
[2] Identified as a somewhat larger than normal Arthropleura
[3] Other than a misunderstanding about the Gorgonopsid

Mighty Wombat

I’ve been meaning to mention Mighty Wombat for a while, and now is as good a time as any. Click the link for the latest cartoon, then have fun in the archives, which go back to 2001. Surreal, silly, senselessly offensive to just about everyone, and with an odd fixation on squid. Oh, and funny, which is something a lot of other webcomics seem to forget about…

I love it. If you’re easily offended, you might not like it. But gems like Your Fly’s Down should appeal to anyone who can be bothered reading the kind of nonsense I write. :grin: