Back on the rails

BBC NEWS | Business | Four in East Coast rail shortlist

I’ve muttered before about the sorry sago[1] of GNER. And now here’s the latest instalment. The Department for Transport has announced the shortlist of companies whose bids haven’t been dismissed as silly or otherwise unsuitable.

And gosh, golly, what a surprise, GNER isn’t one of them, so there’s some faint sign of sanity around. But apparently they’re having a nice chat with all the companies on the shortlist in the hope of continuing to be involved in some kind of partnership.

Now if that meant the train crews kept doing the same jobs, especially the nice people who’ll be serving me breakfast tomorrow, this will be a Good Thing. If it means the management who’ve put fares up and made the executive packages poorer value, then it wouldn’t be a Good Thing at all…

[1] Yes, sago. It’s like a saga, only more starchy