Life on Mars – Oooooooh!

After last week’s opening episode, the second series of Life on Mars is getting into its stride nicely.

In tonight’s episode, Sam meets the man who will become[1] his mentor. Glenn Fletcher is a young detective constable who shows little potential. A young black man who deals with the racism he encounters by making negative remarks about himself. Sam eventually helps him stand up for himself, and sets him on the road that will lead him to become a respected senior officer.

Gene Hunt isn’t too happy when his mentor turns out not to be not quite the man Gene thought he was.

And Sam’s still getting messages from the future. Err, the present. Err, the err, whatever it is. At a news stand, he sees a message:

Sam Tyler: We are sorry for your loss

And a newspaper briefly transforms into a modern one, carrying the story that Sam’s mentor has died.

Finally, Sam makes a phone call. Last week he managed to find the number that’s been calling him. This week he called back. The mysterious voice told him that he knew the rules, and shouldn’t call again.

All good fun, and we’re still being nicely teased about what’s really going on.

[1] Or became. Or was. Or will have been. Or, err. Time travel is such a strain on language :cheesy:

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