No EuroMoz

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | No Morrissey entry in Eurovision

Now there’s a relief. Last month, I mentioned that there was a danger that Morrissey might be involved with Britain’s entry for the hideous Eurovision Song Contest, which would have been highly disturbing…

Anyway, it’s now been confirmed that he won’t be writing or performing, which means I can revert to my normal policy of completely ignoring the dreadful thing. :laugh:

Nice to see that the BBC are employing journalists with an extensive knowledge and deep understanding of 1980s music:

Morrissey first found fame with indie group The Smiths, whose dark, brooding songs and social commentary on issues such as vegetarianism won a devoted following

Come to think of it, there were people[1] at the time who thought The Smiths were “depressing”, presumably because they never paid attention to the often humorous lyrics.

[1] Notably some Radio 1 DJ or other[2] who insisted that people didn’t want to hear The Smiths in the afternoon. Personally, I didn’t want to hear him. Ever….
[2] Wossname, err, Steve Wright, that was his name