Mutter. Dreamhost had some planned downtime today. Not planned by them, but by their building. Architecture must be getting very advanced over in California, is all I can say to that. Actually, a closer reading of the blog post suggests that it might not have been the building itself so much as the people who manage it, which does make a bit more sense. Apparently a high voltage thingy was wearing out its wossname and could have vaporised the meter reader, or something. Details on their site.

They also reported it on their status page, which quite sensibly is kept somewhere quite separate from their own network, together with a name server, so customers’ domains don’t cease to exist[1]. Now this was essential work, and they did try to do it at a quiet time, except of course that not all their customers are in the same time zone they are, so for me it happened when I might actually have wanted to get some email or work on my site. But never mind, and all that. It seems to be working normally now.

So if you tried to visit Losing it[1] earlier and saw a blank screen, now you know why. Circumstances beyond our control, and all that.

[1] Been there, done that, no t-shirt available