Primeval – Episode 3

OK, anyone who was freaked out by last week‘s slightly overgrown creepy-crawlies can look back at the screen now. The third episode of the “let’s recycle everything we did for Walking With Monsters” drama didn’t contain any nasty little crawly things. Just a quite big swimming thing, so you might want to stay out of the water.

After a man is eaten in a swimming pool, and his remains turn up in a reservoir, Cutter realises that the strange sparkly things anomalies can move around a bit. Oh fun. While the team are investigating the reservoir, they encounter a Mosasaur and one of the special forces divers is lost in the strange sparkly thing anomaly before it disappears. Cutter predicts that it will reappear in another body of water along what he calls a “temporal fault line”. Now this is where scepticism kicks in. Is there any particular reason why the anomaly should open in a body of water just because it’s under water at the other end?

As it turns out, there’s no reason at all. The next appearance is in the basement of a house, where a slight water leak develops into a major flood. When a plumber is eaten by what the Primeval website claims is called a Hesperonis, but other sources suggest was actually a Hesperornis, but in either case is a big flightless bird with sharp teeth, the team are called in. The body of the missing diver turns up, with a message for Cutter that he knows has to come from his missing-presumed-dead wife Helen.

After the usual arguments with the slightly creepy government representative, Cutter agrees to go into the anomaly to bring Helen out. He goes in and finds her, but she doesn’t want to come out – in fact she wants Cutter to join her and explore time. Apparently she knows how to find the anomalies, and she’s not really all that bothered about how many people are eaten. Cutter declines to join her, and swims back to the anomaly. After a brief altercation with a Mosasaur, he’s brought to the surface, only to be held at gunpoint by the security goons, while divers go in and capture Helen.

Helen doesn’t look very happy about that…

Next week, apparently we have a Dodo to look forward to, as well as something nice for the creepy crawly fans. :grin:

All good fun.

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