Daily Archives: Monday, 26th Feb 2007

Slight change of plan

Mutter, mutter, :rant:

Well, I started as I intended. Walked to work, which was OK. But by lunchtime, my knees, especially the right one, were not at all happy, and were doing their best to put me in a similar mood.

At which point, I remembered that it’s been a very long time since I stopped taking Glucosamine, which seemed to help my knees in the past[1]. I didn’t exactly deliberately stop taking it, you understand. I just ran out and sort of forgot to get some more. A year or two ago. I do that sort of thing a lot, and lose track of time…

Anyway, I popped into Holland and Barrett, who had a nicely timed offer on. A selection of products were reduced to £5.99, including 60 1000mg Glucosamine, which is normally £19.99. Bargain.

I’ll take two of those a day and see how things go. But for the moment, I think the exercise programme will have to wait.

Oh, and today’s weight was up a bit. Mutter mutter.

[1] I’m aware that there is apparently conflicting medical evidence on this, but I’m reasonably sure I’ve had beneficial results.