Murdoch 1, Branson 0

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Following my earlier comments about the bloody silly dispute between BSkyB and Virgin, the cut-off date has passed, and the basic Sky Channels have now been removed from Virgin Media’s screens. Going to channel 120 now shows me another of their remarkably content-free “Virgin Central” channels, which seems to be nothing more than a rebranding of the Teleport TV on demand service that Telewest introduced quite some time ago. Only with less material.

Naturally, Virgin have no intention of reducing prices to customers, as they claim that they will provide more material to make up for the deficit. Customers, who are used to getting some quite specific programmes may disagree.

People who were getting into the latest series of Lost and 24 will no doubt be investigating BitTorrent and other entertaining methods of finding TV shows on the internet. Some customers will, to use Virgin’s quite sensible and mature description[1] be taking their balls home and getting service from Sky.

Other people wish that extremely rich self-promoting idiots would grow up and stop playing silly buggers. That Shakespeare chap summed up how I feel about Virgin and Sky

A plague o’ both your houses!

Something nasty involving boils in personal areas would be good. :twisted:

[1] Scrolling text at the bottom of the screen

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