Daily Archives: Friday, 2nd Mar 2007

Knocking heads together

BBC NEWS | Business | Consumer body angry at BSkyB row

The National Consumer Council may ask for a review of the digital television market after Virgin Media stopped broadcasting some BSkyB channels.

Oh good. Following the game of advanced silly buggers being played between Virgin and Sky, finally some good news. The National Consumer Council might just have enough influence to persuade both companies to behave themselves.

There were more details on the now defunct NCC site, but the best bit is this quote from the BBC report:

At the end of the month we’ll make a decision about putting in the super-complaint that that will help to knock heads together

Knocking Branson and Murdoch’s heads together? Now there’s a happy thought. :grin:

A minor fluctuation thingy

Friday’s weight[1] was up just a wee bit. I’m out tonight for a meal and a drink or two[2] with people from work, so that’s all for today.

[1] Observant readers will have noticed that I didn’t actually post this on Friday[2]
[2] What with getting home a bit late and a bit, err, tired :cheesy: