Cymraeg Capers

I’ve wandered over to The Red Dragonhood a few times in the past. They’ve got some nice Welsh-themed t-shirts, which I might get round to buying at some point. Anyway, some time back, the site featured a recording of a guitar version of the Welsh National anthem, which it suggested might have been played by Jimi Hendrix.

It turned out that this was not strictly true.

Now that would be an amusing little jape, but the best bit is that Martin Davies appeared on BBC2’s Newsnight wearing one of his t-shirts, which has a Welsh slogan that’s a little impolite about the English. It’s explained on the site. Well, sort of explained. It suggests that “Twll Dîn Pob Sais” means “Down with the English”. Well, that’s the general idea, but it’s closer to say that it unfavourably compares English people to, err, bottoms.

How rude! :eek2: