Primeval – Episode 4

Ooooh, fun! Last time, Cutter’s long-lost wife Helen was rounded up by the Home Office’s security goons special forces guys. Now she’s being interrogated by the delightfully creepy James Lester, who Helen says reminds her of a Utahraptor she met in the Cretaceous. After some arguing, Helen agrees to help. She says that an there’s a pride of sabre-tooth cats likely to come through a strange sparkly thing an anomaly somewhere in central London. Only she won’t actually tell anyone where it is, oh no. She insists that she has to show them. And so, after the usual wrangling, off everyone goes to a football stadium.

And sure enough, in a locked cupboard in the kitchen they find another strange sparkly thing. Helen distracts everyone by telling them to get all the pies out of the way, as the meat will attract the sabre-tooths. Once everyone is suitably distracted, she runs into the anomaly.

Stephen follows and finds himself in a field full of anomalies. Loads of them. Grand Central Anomaly Junction. No sign of Helen, of course. On the brighter side, there’s no sign of any large pussycats with big teeth.

Back on our side of the anomaly, everyone’s just beginning to relax when a load of dodos come through. Lots of silliness follows:

Everybody – grab a dodo!

Meanwhile, Conor’s geek friends Tom and Duncan have been trying to find out what he’s up to. They planted a bug on his bag and have tracked him to the stadium. Unfortunately, one of the dodos ate the bug, and managed to dodge the special forces guys, only to run into the arms of the geeks, who take it back to their flat. Being a pair of conspiracy nuts, they’re convinced that the dodo is part of some secret evil government plot…

Back at the stadium, the dodos have been herded into the anomaly, apart from one, which is dead. The dead dodo, despite being as dead as a, err, dodo, shows signs of movement. It’s carrying a rather nasty parasite, which dies soon after crawling out of its former host.

And in a totally unpredictable development, it turns out that the dodo that Tom and Duncan strolled of with is also infected with the parasite. It spreads by making the host bite a victim, which deposits larvae in the bloodstream. The parasite then grows rapidly, killing the host. So quite naturally, Tom is bitten, and proceeds to lose it completely…

Which is all quite interesting, as most of the episode was played for laughs – chasing the dodos, misunderstandings involving underwear, the conspiracy-obsessed geeks and so on. This made the ending quite surprising, with the geeky Tom resisting the parasite’s influence and not spreading it to Abby or Connor. And then he dies.

It’s still highly watchable, silly, entertaining stuff. Next episode: expect to see a Pteranodon.