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Virgin on the ridiculous

Virgin seem to be going out of their way to be annoying. They’ve put a Q&A section on their website, which gives their version of events[1]. Now most of it is just the usual spin, smoke, mirrors and promises of things to come, but one bit sticks out like a sore thumb that’s been hit with a very big hammer.

It’s where they’re talking about what’s now called the V+ service – their hard disk recorder thingy that lets you record as many as two channels while watching a third. With Virgin, you pay an additional monthly fee to use the service rather than actually buying a box. Here’s what Virgin have to say:

Fancy adding a V+ set-top box to watch things in HD? Unlike Sky, we won’t ask you to fork out up to £300 upfront for the privilege. With Virgin Media, there are no upfront costs for our V+ HD box.

Now that’s not strictly true. And I’m being polite there. People who do not already have the joyous experience of having Virgin Media services can have this box installed for £25, which isn’t unreasonable, existing customers are charged a quite hefty £75, which I would call a quite substantial “upfront cost”.

You can avoid paying the installation charge if you keep your existing set-top box and have it put in another room. And pay around £10 a month to keep it…

It’s all part of Virgin’s campaign of trying to present themselves as the little company standing up for the consumer. Which is nonsense.

[1] Or answering people’s questions as openly and honestly as they can[2]
[2] Now that might be true, depending on how you interpret it :cheesy:

Virgin and Sky: Handbags at dawn!

Following threats to knock heads together, Virgin and Sky have kissed and made up, and come to an amicable agreement. And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything. The latest stage in this ludicrous saga is that having presumably given up on the

Huh! We don’t want your rotten channels anyway

routine, Virgin are now threatening to take Sky to court if a deal isn’t reached in the next thirty days.

Funny that. I thought they were confident that their customers would be perfectly happy to lose Sky One and get some old stuff exclusive programming on their view on demand service. Who’d have thought it? :rolleyes:

More thoughts on the matter on The Register

Keeping on…

Keeping on with not exercising, that is. I did much the same today as yesterday – walked to work and took the bus home, which will do for now.

Today’s weight was down again. I’m still trying to eat at least moderately sensibly, and perhaps more to the point, I’m trying not to drink too much. Well, not since last Friday, anyway :grin:

Woo Who!

Update: My source, Doctor Who Magazine, seems to have been mistaken. The actual start date now seems to be a week later, on Saturday 31 March. Apologies to anyone who’s disappointed by the delay.

Doctor Who, that is. Mark your calendars. Get ready to turn off all phones, disconnect doorbells and, errr, anything else that might be a distraction.

The new series of Doctor Who is scheduled to start on Saturday 24 March.

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