Daily Archives: Wednesday, 7th Mar 2007

An odd photograph

I took this while wandering around Newcastle on Monday. It was just a quick shot looking down Grainger Street, with the lens at its full aperture. As it was quite a bright day, it ended up being ever so slightly over-exposed[1], as you can see.

Lowry was here?

Lowry was here?

I generally discard pictures whose exposure is so far from ideal, but this one looks odd enough to be interesting. Either that or I’m more insane than normal. :lol:

[1] That’ll be one of those understatement thingies :cheesy:

I always suspected…

…that there was something a little inhuman about Gordon “Prudence” Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer[1] and expected successor to Tony “Nickname omitted to avoid obscenity” Blair. And now here’s the final proof. In order not to have a numb mouth for a speech, Mr Brown

allowed a dentist to drill through to deep nerve tissue beneath his teeth without using an anaesthetic

:eek2: :eek2: :eek2: :eek2: :eek2:

And as if that wasn’t enough evidence that he is not as other men, the torturer dentist in question apparently said that Mr Brown

was “perfectly relaxed” and “did not flinch or grimace at any stage”

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

[1] Note to any confused furriners: that delightfully Ruritanian title means he’s the senior finance minister of the UK

More random thinginess

And today’s weight is down a wee bit more. Once again, I walked to work and got the bus home, as my knees started being rude at lunchtime, and I didn’t want to make them more annoyed.

Timeo Aussies et dona ferentes

No, I haven’t gone all classical on you, but it seemed the best title in the circumstances. It is often said that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. It seems the same may apply to mythology, if this video is anything to go by.

Nice to see that the Turkish Consul-General has remembered history, or indeed mythology. And that someone in the Australian army knows their Homer[1]. Or has at least seen a movie.

Quite superb silliness.

[1] No, not Mr Simpson[2][3]
[2] Who I don’t get to see any more, mutter
[3] Though it seems the Trojan Horse isn’t in Homer’s Illiad. It was that Virgil bloke, apparently. And I thought he was in Thunderbirds :huh: