Another quiet improvement

Ooooohhh!! I hadn’t noticed that. I was just having a quick look at the WordPress Ideas forum thingy, where users are invited to request new features, changes, improvements or whatever. One of the suggestions was about something that’s annoyed me once or twice – the “Edit Timestamp” feature. This lets you change the date and time of a post that you’re editing, which you might want to do for a number of reasons:

  • You’re catching up with the past, and you want to date a post for when you meant to publish it
  • You want something to appear in the future, and you won’t be around to publish it at the right time
  • You saved a draft using Performancing or some other client. For reasons I’ve never really looked into, drafts saved this way don’t get their post timestamps updated when published from WordPress.

Anyway, all you had to do was fill in the corrected date and time, and remember to tick the box, which is where I often went wrong. Someone requested that the date and time boxes be disabled until the box was ticked, which would have been a Good Idea. However, the developers did something that I think is better. If you edit the date or time, the box is ticked automagically, which is appears to work perfectly. And it’s one less click. :wink: