It’s Feeding Time!

Apologies to the millions[1] of you who catch up on Losing it[1] through a feedreader rather than coming to the site in a browser[2]. About a week or so ago, I noticed that there was a new version of the Feedburner Plugin, which redirects all requests for RSS feeds to, well, Feedburner. I quite like Feedburner – it gives me some information on how many people are at least glancing at my feeds, tells me what they’re using to read them, and also provides the feeds to people in various formats, with minimal effort on my part.

But when I switched to the new plugin, I missed a step. :duh: The old version worked pretty much by brute force. It redirected all requests for feeds to Feedburner, and used a secret magic address for Feedburner to use. The new version is more subtle, and redirects everyone except Feedburner to, err, Feedburner. Feedburner itself is allowed to connect to the actual feeds from the site. Nifty. Much cleaner and easier to maintain, so long as you remember to change Feedburner’s settings so it looks at the actual feed rather than the old secret address which isn’t there any more. Which is, of course, what I forgot to do. :duh: :duh:

Normal[3] service has now been resumed.

[1] Or thereabouts
[2] And for readers who haven’t got the faintest idea what I’m going on about, you can safely ignore this post :tongue:
[3] Normal for me, that is, not normally normal :cheesy: