Malcolm Middleton – A Brighter Beat

I’ve been waiting for a follow-up to Malcolm’s 2005 album Into the Woods since, err, 2005. And here it is. Now Malcolm’s songs are rarely what you’d call cheerful, so fans might be a bit worried by the title. A Brighter Beat? Well, fear not. The album opens with a jaunty little number called We’re All Going To Die, and things don’t get much more cheerful after that. But I tend to like that sort of thing, so it appeals to me.

The title track is a typically catchy little tune, with fewer words than usual. Here’s the video, which will give you as good an idea as anything about what Malcolm’s about:

After that, there are equally cheery songs like Death Love Depression Love Death before closing with Superhero Songwriters, a seven-minute epic that floats between big brassy bits, soft acoustic bits, and some typically self-deprecating lyrics:

Superhero songwriter
Super cliché chorus finder

It’s not the kind of album that’s ever going to appeal to a huge audience, but it has a certain something. I like it, and I hope some people will at least give it a try. On his MySpace page, where you can hear some sample songs, Malcolm is quoted as saying this about the album:

If I was forced to describe it (which I am) I’d probably say it was ‘a pop album for people who hate pop music’. Or maybe ‘love songs for depressed people who worry too much about dying and the consequences of their daily actions and thoughts to be able to enjoy life fully’

Which sums it all up quite nicely. Not sure what that says about me, though. :eek2: :uhoh: :lol: