More WordPress goodies to come

Now that I’ve belatedly upgraded to WordPress 2.1.2, I’m starting to pay attention to what’s coming in the next release. Under the new “more frequent feature releases” plan, WordPress 2.2 is due to be released in late April. One feature I’ve just read about has been written by that nice Mark Jaquith. He calls it Plugin Sandboxing – the idea is that when you activate a new plugin, or edit an existing one, it is first activated in a special monitoring mode, and only if it doesn’t create a horrible error is it allowed to be fully activated. It’s a nice level of extra protection for your site, and a good sign of how WordPress is maturing. I’ll keep an eye out for more new features, and I’ll mention any that I like.

And now I’m actually using 2.1.2, can I just say that the auto-save feature is lovely? If you’ve ever had the experience of typing a long post only to lose lots of work because of a lost connection, a transient server problem or even the old “pressing the wrong button” problem, you’ll appreciate this. While you’re working on your post, WordPress saves it in the background every two minutes, which should reduce the pain substantially. To be honest, I’ve been in the habit of clicking “Save and Continue Editing” fairly frequently while typing longer posts, but that means waiting for the page to reload, which can be a wee bit slow. The automatic version is a lot better.