Now that’s a serious camera

I’m really very happy with my Canon 30D :smile: . No, really. It does everything I need, and I’m only just beginning to explore its potential. But just occasionally, I see something that makes me ever so slightly jealous of people with serious cameras :eek: . There’s no way I could afford such a beast, and it would really be a waste of money, as I wouldn’t use it enough to justify the outlay. But the recently announced Canon EOS 1D Mark III is sooooooo nice :bouncy: . It’s a big beast – a professional’s tool that makes no compromises. It’s also the fastest digital camera around[1], blasting off ten frames per second, for up to 110 frames before it needs a bit of a rest so it can save data to a memory card. Lots of other features, including sensor cleaning, and for the first time on a Canon DSLR, a live preview LCD. A really quite large 3 inch LCD, too. Some of these features will no doubt appear in the 30D’s eventual successor, so they won’t be the sole preserve of professionals and people with scary amounts of money for their toys for too long. Anyway, enough babble, here’s a promotional video which shows off the camera nicely and lets some Clever Canon People talk about it.

Video has gone, and as this is now an obsolete model, I won’t bother to find another copy…


[1] Or so Canon say, and I haven’t seen anyone arguing so far