Primeval – Episode 5

The latest episode of the time warping fun and games show opened with a golfer coming to a very sticky, or at least messy, end. Which doesn’t sound that much of a problem to me, but it was messy enough for Nick Cutter and crew to be called in to investigate. At first, they’re not at all sure what’s happened. The ground isn’t disturbed, and there’s no strange sparkly thing anomaly in sight.

Meanwhile, Connor is about to get himself into a lot of trouble. He’s been staying with Abby, and when she leaves him alone in the flat, she reminds him to keep the windows closed so that Rex, that cute little marketing opportunity flying reptile she accidentally on purpose kept back in episode 1, won’t escape. So naturally he leaves a window open and even more naturally, Rex flies into his car while he’s getting ready to join the rest of the crew at the golf course. This being TV, he doesn’t notice his passenger until he arrives at the course and Rex perches himself on the roof of the car. Silly chase ensues as Connor tries to persuade Rex to get back into the car.

When I catch you, you’ll be the first animal to become extinct twice!

While Connor’s providing the light relief, Cutter and the rest of the gang work out that the anomaly is right above their heads, just in time for a large Pteranodon to come through and start chasing Connor. Cutter gets the idea that the Pteranodon wasn’t responsible for chewing the golfer and argues with Claudia (the nice one from the government) about it. He also stops the special forces guys from actually killing it, and it flies off.

Later, they track the wounded Pteranodon to a rooftop and manage to capture it. An examination of Pteranodon poop[1] reveals that all it’s eaten lately is fish and maybe a small reptile or two – it seems that it wasn’t after Connor, but Rex. Which leaves the interesting question of what did eat the golfer.

Back at the golf course, we soon find out – there’s a large flock of what are described as Agnurognathus – roughly chicken-sized flying reptiles with lots of very sharp teeth and a taste for blood, which they can smell from a long way off. So as you might expect, Claudia manages to get trapped in their vicinity while covered in the stuff.

Lots of the usual fun follows, with Cutter improvising a flame thrower from a gas bottle he finds in an ambulance, and Helen (that’s the missing Mrs Cuttter, do keep up…) arriving just in time to rescue Claudia and barbecue lots of reptiles with the aid of the gas supply and an exploding microwave.

As always, it was a lot of fun, and I’m rather sorry that there’s only one more episode to come. In that final episode, we’ll be meeting something nasty from the future…

[1] :grin:

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