The 100 Most Prolific Bloggers

A few days back, I spotted a link in the WordPress dashboard that led me to a bit of fun at TheBizofKnowledge. Bill Belew wanted to find out which of the 5,000 billion[1] weblogs have the most posts, or indeed who are the most prolific bloggers. He invited people to report on how many posts they’ve made and how long they’ve been doing it. Well, I can never resist a bit of shameless self-promotion, so I filled in my details. On whatever day it was, my total number of posts was 1,877[2],and that was enough to get me placed at number 30 in the current list of The 100 Most Prolific Bloggers!

Of course, there will be loads of people with far more posts who are too busy posting to fill in surveys on other sites, and if we include them, my placing will probably fall to around 34,999 or thereabouts. But for now, I’ll bask in the relative glory. Or whatever it is. :laugh:

[1] Approximately. But that includes all the ones that people created then promptly forgot about
[2] It’s now 1,899. Hold on, it’ll be 1,900 when I post this :eek:

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