More Smilies!

I have to thank my good fiend friend Twisty[1][2] for these latest additions to my smiley collection.

This is for when I’m not happy :wah:

This is for when something tastes nice: :slurp:

This is for when I’m suggesting that someone[3] isn’t altogether sane: :crazy:

And this is me in the morning: :coffee:

[1] Hi Twisty :wave:
[2] Some people apparently still know her as “Kris”, but I’m working on that
[3] Hi Twisty :wave:

7 thoughts on “More Smilies!

  1. Twisty

    I see you disallow people from editing their own comments – rather inconvenient if they’ve made a typo. So on that note: “off”=”odd”, though I s’pose they both fit, really. :lol:

  2. Les Post author

    It’s not that I don’t allow it, it’s just that there isn’t a facility for visitors to edit their comments – only logged in users can do that, otherwise anybody would be able to edit anybody else’s comments, which could have alarming results. :eek2:

    Of course, as site admin, I can edit any comment in any way at all should it prove necessary. Or amusing. :lol:

    And what’s wrong with [3], anyway???

  3. Twisty

    How does one login to LosingIT[1] exactly? :slurp: And [3] is quite wrong as I am altogether sane; accusations that I am not altogether sane shall constitute proof that it is, in fact, the accuser that is :crazy:

  4. Les Post author

    That’s Losing it[1], actually. One logs in by entering one’s user name and password into the login box. But one has to be a user to do that, so unless the one in question is me, one doesn’t. And there isn’t any need for anyone else to have a login, so that’s how it’s staying. :tongue:

    Your claims of sanity are further proof that you are in fact :crazy:

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