The Buildings of Grainger Town

I’ve been taking quite a lot of pictures of buildings in Newcastle city centre, but I didn’t really know all that much about most of them. I knew that many of our more prominent buildings were designed by John Dobson[1], but beyond that…

So this little book was just what I needed. First published in 1997, and revised in 2001, it’s a little out of date in some parts[2], but it is an excellent guide to the city. It’s structured as four walks around “Grainger Town” and includes pictures and brief descriptions of the buildings, giving their architects, historical details and some honest opinions. It mentions which buildings are listed, too. Hey, I work in a Grade II Listed Building, so there!

Buildings of Grainger Town

Buildings of Grainger Town

There’s lots of useful information, and it offers plenty of ideas for things to photograph. Recommended to anyone with even a slight interest in Newcastle’s buildings.

Amazon have listed it, but don’t seem to have it in stock. I bought mine in the Emerson Chambers branch of Waterstones, a glorious building featured in the book.

[1] Who, ironically, has one of the city’s least interesting and most definitively unattractive streets named after him.
[2] Some redevelopment has gone on, some buildings have been restored. And it confidently predicts that Westgate House of unfond memory would be replaced by 2003…