Enjoying the view?

Yes, I know I haven’t sorted out the pictures from last weeks walk, but the mood took me today, so I had another lunchtime stroll with the camera. For some reason or other, I’ve hardly used my Sigma 70-300mm telephoto lens, and today I decided to give it a proper test. And some of the results are quite pleasing.

Grey’s Monument is of course, a prominent landmark in the centre of Newcastle, and like most people who wave cameras around in the area, I’ve taken a few pictures of it before, but never one like this. This was taken at the fully extended 300mm end of the lens, and shows quite a lot of detail of Earl Grey’s statue, which stands over 130 feet above street level.

Earl Grey

Earl Grey

Tea not in evidence

I’ve got some more pictures to come, featuring some nifty architectural details, some interesting reflections, and maybe even some flowers.