Newcastle City Library: Demolition

Newcastle City Library, which opened in 1968, is being replaced. The present building has served the city well, but apparently it was considered inadequate, and something altogether more interesting is due to open on the same site in 2009. The present library is a moderately dull concrete building, tucked away on Princess Square, behind Northumberland Street. The new building will have its glass on show[1], and will be more visible when looking from the Grey’s Monument area. Good stuff. But before that shiny new glass building can be built, there’s the slight matter of knocking down the old one. The library has been closed for months, and now that Westgate House is out of the way, the demolition contractors are getting to work. There are barriers to keep people at a safe distance, and scaffolding is being erected this week.

The Beginning

The Beginning

I took some pictures today, and I’ll be making repeat visits as the demolition and later building progressed. So far, I’ve only uploaded one picture, but more will follow soon. Well, soonish, anyway, depending on my tuit supply.

[1] There are loads of windows between all those concrete bars

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