As I may have mentioned once or twice, one of the great strengths of WordPress is that it is reasonably easy[1] to add functions, modify its behaviour, link it to other software and generally customise it by means of plugins. These can be very simple (like the thingy on my main page which lists the titles of posts I haven’t got round to finishing) or very complicated (like the thingy that links WordPress to Gallery2).

But up till now it’s been a wee bit tricky tracking down exactly the plugin you need. Or even discovering the plugin you didn’t know you needed, but as soon as you read about it, you know it’s what you really needed all along. There used to be a directory thingy, but it seemed to fall into disrepair, or something. Anyway, Matt has announced the long-awaited, all new Plugins Directory, which will make it easier for users to find new plugins, and easier for developers to publicise and support them. Free hosting for developers, with “donate” links available, and a nice consistent layout for users to check out what’s what.

Future plans involve WordPress being able to check for updates to installed plugins, so you won’t find yourself running old ones when newer ones with more cool features are available.

I’ll be having a good look at the Plugins Directory later. If you use WordPress, I suggest you do the same – you might find something useful, or at least fun.

[1] Easy for people who can write code, that is. Non-programmers like me don’t find it that easy :smile: