Primeval – Episode 6

And so we come to the final episode of the first series of Primeval. Yes, I did say “first series”, as I’m happy to say that a second one has been commissioned, and a good thing too, as we shall see…

The fun starts when the strange sparkly thing anomaly[1] in the Forest of Dean that we saw in Episode 1 re-opens, and something comes out. Something that leaves no traces other than a bit of a hole in a security fence.

Later, a lion disappears from Abby’s zoo. Connor suggests that it might have

Run away to join the circus

but the amusement is short lived when some blood found at the scene is found to be mostly from the lion, but also from some kind of bat with very unusual DNA.

Meanwhile, Cutter’s been getting closer to Claudia, who’s been having some disturbing dreams, mostly involving Gogonopsids in the office.

Helen Cutter shows up again, and tells the team what’s going on. It seems that an anomaly from some point in the future opened back in the Permian period, and a creature – some kind of rapid-moving all teeth and claws intelligent predator came through then followed Helen from the Permian to the present.

It’s decided that the creature is too dangerous to study, and that it must be killed. So off everyone trots to the woods, where the predator bounces around in the trees and nibbles on a few of the security guys. Eventually working out that it might be using sonar (hey! that’s where the bat DNA comes in!), Connor goes back to the car to collect an oscilloscope which will let our heroes pick up its beeps. And yes, he narrowly avoids being killed. Once the creature has run off again, Cutter tells Connor he can go home, but Connor declines, saying

Han Solo – he wouldn’t have given up before the job’s done

Cutter replies

I always thought of you as more R2-D2 myself..

Anyway, the creature is tracked to its lair, where the team find lots of little baby predators. How nice! When “mummy” comes looking for the babies, Cutter runs off with one of them to draw the creature away. In a conveniently located greenhouse, he confuses the predator’s sonar by shooting lots of glass before killing it.

For reasons that made perfect sense at the time, Cutter persuades the government that it would be a good idea to take the baby predators back through the anomaly to the Permian, and to use their supposed homing instinct to find the anomaly leading to the future.

Cutter and Helen go through with Tom Ryan and the rest of the special forces guys. Moments after they leave, Connor gets a phone call with some disturbing news. The predator that Cutter killed was male. So where did the babies come from? Could there be another one about? Well, of course there could, and it dashes through the anomaly.

In the Permian, Helen persuades Nick to take a souvenir picture. As he takes it, he realises something. The camera he is holding is the one found with the remnants of a camp and a human skeleton back in the first episode. They’re further back in time and clearly in deep trouble. Unfortunately, he doesn’t realise this in time to avoid the predator, which is a bit annoyed about having its babies kidnapped. It mangles the special forces guys quite thoroughly, leaving Ryan badly injured and the rest dead. Fortunately for Cutter and Helen, a Gogonopsid arrives and has a slight disagreement with the predator, which results in a slightly dented Gorgonopsid, a dead predator, and some eaten baby predators. What we see and that Cutter and Helen don’t, is that two of the babies have escaped…

Back in the present, Cutter and Helen give everyone the bad news. Helen, having failed to persuade Cutter to join her in going to the future, turns her attention to Stephen, revealing that they’d had an affair years before. Stephen declines and Helen goes back through the anomaly. And it’s only then that Cutter realises that something’s wrong. He asks where Claudia is. Nobody has ever heard of her. She doesn’t exist. Cutter realises that something has fiddled around with time – couldn’t be those little baby predators lost in the Permian, could it? As he comes to this realisation, the anomaly seems to expand around him, and all he has time to say is

Oh my God

before the credits roll, and we’re left in suspense. Yup, a series end with a cliffhanger. :rant: Mutter.

All in all, a nicely done series. Not particularly original, not spectacularly brilliant, but good enough to keep me watching. If you missed it, the whole thing is out on DVD tomorrow. And it’ll probably be repeated on one of ITV’s digital channels a few times if you don’t want to buy or rent the DVD. Good fun, nice monsters, moderately appealing characters.

[1] OK, that’s the last time I’ll do that. Probably :cheesy:

3 thoughts on “Primeval – Episode 6

  1. Dawn

    I agree with all your comments. I also considered that maybe the wrong soldier died? That cliffhanger; do you suppose that they only made the first half of the series (seeing as they only had 6 episodes) knowing full well that another would be commissioned so they could finish it? Certainly they seem to have a half completed story arc.

  2. Les Post author

    Good questions. I’d guess that they were hoping to be commissioned for another series – certainly six episodes is a short run for a drama series, but anything with that much CGI is expensive and slow to make…

    It was an odd series – at times it seemed like the whole thing was being played for laughs, and then they finish with a lovely bit of quite serious “time travel can mess up your whole day” stuff. But it’s nice to see ITV making an effort to make watchable drama again.

  3. Dawn

    Considering it was created to be a family/kids show, I think they did a surprisingly good job of it. I suppose they had to tone some things down and play for laughs just so they didn’t frighten the tinies too much, but, as you say, they seemed to get much more serious by the end. So much for not frightening the tinies, my 5 and 7 year olds voted the last episode the best one. Unfortunately 6 episodes seems to be the norm for ITV, but they have allegedly got 7 for the next series. I heard they tried for 13 but weren’t allowed.

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