Slightly later than I thought

I previously stated that series three of Doctor Who would start next Saturday. It seems that I was misinformed by Doctor Who Magazine, who were probably misinformed by someone else.

According to all the sources I can find, the start date will actually be:

Saturday 31 March

Start time is expected to be the usual 7pm.

We have to wait a whole extra week??? :wah: :wah: :wah:

18 thoughts on “Slightly later than I thought

  1. David

    just heard David Tennant talking about “mr saxon” from what was said, I sticking my neck out and saying evil timelord (its probably been revealed and I’ve just missed it lol)

  2. Les Post author

    Ummm, I haven’t heard anything specific about any Time Lords appearing in this year’s series, but I have heard an unconfirmed rumour about The Master returning and being played by John Simm. I’d have thought he’d have had enough time travel fun and games, but you never know….

  3. Les Post author

    Ahhhh!!!! I seeee!! I’ve heard about this “respect” thing, but I don’t usually get any, which accounts for my confusion.

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